The real

By Yashoda Makaju

Blessing of shiva,i get opertunity to learn brahmagyan. I fined a great teacher who teache me that brahmagyan. Then i have get many many story like a jock but real.

One day my teacher asked how many eye you have ? I suddenly answered we have two eyes. he said ok gyes you have to learn more then more.
After few day, i feeled a new I feeled someone waching and follow ing too me.Then i feeled ,fear along time. then some time ,i feeled happy, sometime sad .I couldn’t say clearly any thing. I get confiuse.I feeled unsecure. I seen something slydly. Whenever i heared something so i have get uneasy.

After few class my teacher teached us about the lord shiva. Lord shiva have three eyes, the third no eyes nome called “thirdeye”.The man have also third eye but we haven’t know. Everyone have thirdeye, somebody had open but unwhealthy and somebody should open. We should have to open healthy eye.If we are feeling wacheing, following someone,sing of third eye opened unwthealthy. we are going to uneasy and going to be sick.If you have to open thirdeye you have to do exercise along time but doesn’t imposible. Then i sured have to open my thirdeye. When i met many friend at the brahmagyan class, they already had to opened thire thirdeye.They should contact with God. If you want to opend the thirseye, you must visit some one who is around with us like , leted famillies, host,wiches all kind of things who have humane behaveier. They can do negetive roll.

The God who is verry far to us.If we want to meet real God who knows brahmayan, all kind of bad things, we have to leave.We have to leave all must of deep love,emotion fear,angry and old tradition.

Bhagawan shree krishna already said at the bhagawat geeta “Sarba dharmanan parityajyam

Maamekam saranam bajra ”

But we doesn’t follow.If you must have to meet God. We were have to do hard exercise a long time and follow to teacher. We must to do any order to us but not easy. If we have to leave them,we must have to conect with God and Godness.

Whenever,i feeled already opened my thirdeyebut but sometime going to block.I tryed to verry hard to open my third eye. I accepted all of the order of teacher.

Oneday, when i was prying to god at the morning like everyday. I feeled verry new. I seen brightness around me. I feeled verry happy. I was no there, where i was lived. I i didn’t know where i was .I was feeling going to heaven .I was going to all over the earth. letter sometime i was seen some one ,standing position in the heaven.Who was verry handsom like bodybilder .Whos looks like skyblu collor full ans his face was bright and smooth. He wered scurt like tigers skin. Who wered few mala of ruddraksya and a snak round his shoulder. He carryid a big trishul, whos hair was a long round at the head,a small halfmoon taged at the head. The next hand he caryyid a small dammaru. He wered kalli at the feet.

I surpriesed ! what seeing me ? then i heared hi yash, i get confiues. I sai ” O my God”.Then he littel smyll ans said everyday you called me so that i want to call you,: You are my darling ”

Then i feel we have to meet God . God is true. He is around with us. Beauty,bright,true is God so that we have to say ” Satyam, Shivam, Shundaram”.
Thank you.

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