“Importance of Brahmagyan”

By Sushila Shrestha

There are many people all around the world and they don’t know about the truth of life, how they have to spend the real life and what is going on at this time and what will be in the future time.

But I have got chance to listen about life and its importance very well. So,today I will try to say some thing about what I had learned in my life at this present time.Friends,please pay attention to know your real life at the present time.I have got a golden chance to learn about life.Before three years,I met a doctor who looked so simple and innocent in my view.But I was wrong because he was too much clever,knew everything,has more ideas to do anything,can give more opinion about everything I asked.He was extraordinary person.I was amazed at the time and tried to listen everything what he said.

I regularly attended the class for fully three years and listened many things,ideas and I was able to learn more things which was very important in my life.By this way,I met him day by day.I learned about brahmagyan.When I listened this,I was very much shocked.Day by day,I listened him more and knew more about brahmagyan.The knowledge of brahmagyan is very much important to all of us.People can’tstudy this one even at the top and renowned universities of the world.This is the most important thing in one’s life because if one is well awared about this thing then,their life at present will be far better than the past and it also secures our life after death.It teaches us about life,the secret about creation of the world,third-eye and about the brahmagyani gods and goddesses.So,everyone out there have to learn it and make it practicable.

So,I request everyone that I am sure that I am walking in the right path of my life and I am extremely lucky to get such a good opportunity to learn about brahmagyan.I can now see and talk with brahmagyani gods and goddesses and have a double-way conversation when I am in need of them and at the time I wish to talk with them.I thank them for always being there when I need any kind of their help.At last,I would like to thank my teachers(mama and maiju) and all my other friends who helped me till date.Thankyou very much.

-Thank you

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