By Yashoda Makaju

Many time ago i has seen a dream . I met a angle in my dream . She gave me a lettor but lettor was empty.When i wekup in the moorning ,i was afried to throght my dream.I haden’t know how gaved me dream .then some tome i was confiused i was remembering any time any movement. I had got few quiricitys, how was she, who want to meet me and why ? I want to asked about my dream but nobody there to meet me.

Some time letter i had got a oportunty to learn brahmagyan. I have got a great teacher who teach me brahmagyan . Then i knew about the dream . One day i had say my teacher about my past. He said me somebody giving you few information about your life parts throw the dream. then i had got surpries. then i cared in my past,i have get many many informatioon throw the dream.

Anybody wants to tack somethings.If you wants to tack news aboout your life ,you have learn brahmagyan. “The dream giving you by the GOd”

Thank you.

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